Landscape Assesment and design

Collaborations with Landscape Architecture Studio Sunlight, Madrid. Proposal of the layout design for all the landscape character and character type of the Spanish county Castilla la Mancha.

Residential development, Los Bates Estate.
Project carried out in collaboration with Germán Santa María for Ángel Asenjo & Asociados S.L. Malaga. Arquitecture & Urban Design Studio.
Landscape character, visual assessment, and master planning for a residential development in a coastal protected area called Finca los Bates, sited at Motril, Granada.
Client: Motril Town Council.

Noja Village. Freelance.
Landscape Assessment proposal for a coastal village in Cantabria, Spain.
1. Assesment of existing previous to implementation.
2. Assesment of developers’ proposal.
3. Mitigation design.